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We must explain to you how all seds this mistakens idea off denouncing pleasures and praising pain was born and I will give you a completed accounts off the system and expound the actually teaching of the great explorer ut of the truth, the master builder of human happiness.


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Sep, 24

Give your money a chance to grow

I’m also closely watching developments on the institutional move into crypto. For the first time, large investment firms are gaining access to crypto markets. Soon they’ll be able to buy and store cryptocurrency in a secure, regulated way. This could be a game-changer on its own.
Why do financial firms and money managers want cryptocurrency? For the same reasons we do. Bitcoin, for example, is a hedge against fiat currency crises, a non-correlated asset and an emerging store of value (which is why it’s called “digital gold”). I believe bitcoin will eventually challenge gold as the world’s leading “hard money” store of value.

And thinking even more long term, I see cryptocurrency replacing fiat cash as the leading form of money. We’re talking about a much longer timeline there, but every crisis in the old financial system will propel crypto further in the direction of mainstream adoption.

For these reasons, bitcoin and a few select cryptocurrencies have higher potential returns than any other asset on the planet.