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Sep, 23

Do Me a Favor


A lot of people are saying it’s the end for bitcoin…

Do me a favor.

Don’t listen to them.

Proven research shows the biggest millionaire-making move in crypto could be right around the corner.

This past December, bitcoin seemed like the next big thing.


One bitcoin was worth nearly $20,000…


And financial journalists everywhere were starting to seriously consider whether it could replace safe-space investments like gold.


People were even giving it as Christmas presents at company parties… those fools.


But it’s been pretty much downhill since then.


One bitcoin is now worth around $6,500…


And the millions of fanatics seem to have disappeared.


But they’ll look back on selling at the bottom as the worst mistake of their lives.


When it comes to cryptocurrency, hyper-growth followed by a heavy correction isn’t new.


We’ve seen bitcoin drop from $20 to $2… from $1,200 to $250… and, most recently, from nearly $20,000 to $6,000.


Big dips are often followed by even bigger booms. Think of the internet… oil and gas… even Apple correcting after missing iPhone releases.


That’s just how the market works.


And I don’t expect this time will be any different.


Because if you look closely, you’ll see that right now, the smart money isn’t running away… rather, they’re happily buying the dip.


Ask yourself…


Would the most well-connected guys on Wall Street really be dumping boatloads of cash into a market they thought was doomed?


There’s not a chance.


They may seem like the flashiest guys on Earth, but the truth is, they’re a bunch of misers and obsess over losing their money.


They don’t do anything unless they’re almost certain.


They’ve done their research… and they’ve come to the same conclusion I have…


The next millionaire-making move in crypto is coming.



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